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Steve Crocker

President, Edgemoor Research Institute
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Steve Crocker is an Internet pioneer who helped develop the protocols for the Arpanet and created the Request for Comment (RFC) series that document Internet protocols. He has worked in research, government and business for the past fifty years. He has specialized in network security research. He was the founding chair of ICANN’s Security and Stability Committee, was a member of the ICANN board and chair of the board from 2011 to 2017. Dr. Crocker holds a B.A. in math and a Ph.D. in computer science from UCLA. For the past three years, he has been working with a small group to develop the framework for expressing and analyzing registration data directory service policies.

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ICANN is preparing to search for its next CEO. In the past and again now, each of us has been asked for advice about applying for the job. We have willingly offered our perceptions of what the job requires. The general thrust of our advice is to alert the potential applicant about the complexities and demands of the job so they can assess for themselves whether they might be a viable candidate. Our comments in these situations are, of course, purely our own opinions, and are not connected to the official posture of ICANN. more

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The Site Finder Report: Dr. Stephen Crocker, Chair of the Committee

As an advisory committee, our focus is to give ICANN and the community our best advice regarding security and stability issues for the domain name system and the addressing system. We are not a standards, regulatory, judicial or enforcement body; those functions belong elsewhere. As we all know, VeriSign is in the process of suing ICANN on a number of matters, including ICANN's response to their registry change last September. Although VeriSign now contends that a number of us on the committee are "Site Finder co-conspirators" the next steps are really up to the ICANN board, the ICANN staff and the many members of the technical and operating community who run the domain name system. I'll be happy to interact with the members of the community here on CircleID as time permits. more