Siddharth Taliyan

Siddharth Taliyan

Sr. Manager, Sales at LogicBoxes
Joined on August 19, 2013
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Siddharth Taliyan spearheads the Vertical Integration Solutions business of LogicBoxes. He consults new gTLD applicants across all the categories on their vertical integration projects, distribution and launch plans. His primary objective is to help them achieve maximum global adoption of their new TLD.

Siddharth has over 6 years of experience in Consulting and Project Management. In his experience with LogicBoxes, he has worked closely with some of the largest companies in the Domains and WebHosting industry and provided them with End to End Consultancy on ICANN Accreditation. He has been advising clients on every aspect of their Registrar business and consulted with them at each stage of their transition from being a Domain Reseller to a full-fledged ICANN Accredited Registrar. He has also worked with ISP / Telcos and provided them with consultancy on their Domains and Hosting business. Get in touch with Siddharth on LinkedIn here.

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