Viktorija Ratomskė

Viktorija Ratomskė

Chief Marketing Officer at IPXO
Joined on November 8, 2021
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Passionate executive with a wealth of online marketing industry knowledge, working in a fast-moving, highly pressured environment where priorities are constantly shifting. Viktorija has 10+ years of experience working with large-scale B2B & B2C projects in the online gaming and hosting industries. Viktorija has joined IPXO, focusing on brand expansion and awareness across the industry with a goal to build the best possible IPv4 and IPv6 accessibility for any industry.

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In a bid to stay ahead in the fierce global tech race, China has set a goal of running a single-stack IPv6 network by 2030. To achieve this goal of having a single IPv6 networking stack for the nation, authorities have issued time-specific milestones to relevant agencies and operators within the Chinese jurisdiction. Most notably, by the end of 2023, no new networks will be allowed to use the IPv4 – signaling immediate dramatic changes across the board. more