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CircleID is the world's leading platform for Internet developments with more than 5200 professional participants worldwide.


To provide an indispensable platform for the world's Internet industry professionals where they come to connect, inform and be informed.


Back in 2001, CircleID began as an experimental project using a flat HTML website on founder Ali Farshchian's homemade PC with an idea to serve as some form of editorial outlet for the rapidly growing Internet industry during a time when such a source barely existed. CircleID officially launched on September 10, 2002, with a few original articles and opinion pieces. The site quickly gained the attention of prominent professionals within the then-small but growing internet industry community. Many became instant readers and expressed an interest in providing their thoughts and comments. Within six months of operation, two things became apparent: CircleID was offering a valued service and that it would serve well as a collaborative publishing platform. And since those humble beginnings, CircleID has continued to remain dedicated to that mission.

Today CircleID is recognized as the world's leading source for the Internet industry attracting the attention of hundreds of thousands of leading professionals and companies around the globe.

As a business, CircleID reached profitability within five years of operation and has remained profitable, independent and debt free ever since. CircleID earns its revenue by offering a diverse set of paid services that include company content channels, targetted sponsorship opportunities, custom advertising, and promotional solutions.

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