Upcoming Event: IITF Community Forum - December 2, 2021
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IITF Community Forum

We, the people of Cyberspace!
Citizenship, Governance, Rights & Responsibilities
in a Digital Age

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A Community Dialogue

December 2, 2021 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm UTC

In partnership with:

As if our digital lives don’t matter in cyberspace, digital technologies are routinely applied without consideration of our fundamental human rights, resulting in multiple forms of exploitative digital servitudes. To prevent them, we must define and implement the ethical norms and standards that govern our living together online as digital citizens with rights and responsibilities.

As citizens, our rights are protected by the state in which we reside. States base their authorities and abilities on protecting their sovereignty over their territory. By design, cyberspace and the Internet ecosystem are global and extend beyond national boundaries. Private-sector-controlled platforms and infrastructures are the equivalents of territory in cyberspace. This raises the fundamental issue of how rights are protected and responsibilities exercised across the cyberspaces of the global Internet ecosystem.

This IGF pre-event explores how we can take focus on questions such as:

Analysis and insight from a discussion of these questions will help strengthen the roles of persons, society, government, and business in securing digital integrity and trust in our digital futures.


Internet Integrity Task Force – IITF’s mission here is to extend human rights into cyberspace, strengthen digital integrity and trust, promote the rights of all persons as digital citizens, and promote an understanding of the digital responsibilities of persons, entities, practices, and processes across the Internet ecosystem.

DataPrivacyBR – The Data Privacy Brazil Research Association is dedicated to the intersection between protection of personal data, technology and fundamental rights, producing research and advocacy actions before the justice system, legislative bodies and government. Based on an Ethical Financing and Transparency Policy, the association conducts public interest research that seeks to reinforce the grammar of fundamental rights and expand the culture of personal data protection in Brazil and the Global South.


Jaqueline Pigatto, Project manager at Data Privacy Brazil Research Association, PhD candidate in Social Sciences at Sao Paulo State University

Klaus Stoll, CEO IITF

Rafael Zanatta, Director of the Data Privacy Brazil Research Association

J. Scott. Evans, Director, IP &. Advertising at Adobe Inc.

Keynote: Citizenship and digital Rights. Prof. Sam Lanfranco, President, IITF

Moderator: Carlos Afonso, Director of Instituto NUPEF; previously the Head of Technological Development of RITS


Date: December 2, 2021
Time: 5:00 pm — 6:30 pm UTC
Place: Online via Zoom

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