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Arrigo Triulzi

Chief Security Officer
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Arrigo Triulzi, trained in Pure Mathematics, holds an MSc in Mathematical Computation from Queen Mary, University of London, and is working towards a PhD in Algebraic Computation. He is co-founder and Chief Security Officer of K2 Defender Limited, a bespoke high-end IDS solutions provider. Arrigo is also a free-lance consultant in IT Security with particular expertise in secure network design, network security analysis, and incident handling. He is also the administrator of the IDS Europe mailing list. Having worked with both popular and less common flavours of Unix, he is comfortable working in any heterogeneous networking environment and his knowledge also includes esoteric operating systems such as Guardian/NSK. Arrigo is co-inventor in an EU patent for a high-performance distributed IDS design, and has written on a variety of security topics. Recent work includes web research into IDS deployment on IPv6, firewall verification using IDS, and distributed concept virii.


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