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Dan Wendlandt

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Dan is a computer science phd student at carnegie mellon university.  His main interests are in secure and reliable Internet architectures.  On the side, he also likes to work on policy issues related to Internet security. 

He currently works with Adrian Perrig and David Andersen at CMU, and is currently collaborating with Jennifer Rexford at Princeton.  His current project focuses on an incrementally deployable system for secure interdomain routing (think s-bgp, but something people actually have an incentive to deploy).  Past work includes a DoS resistance network architecture (FastPass), wireless multi-hop routing, Clack: a network teaching tool, and geographic properties of Internet routing. 

As an undergrad at Stanford, he co-designed and co-taught the course “U.S. National Cybersecurity” with Prof. William Perry.  The course website is available at:

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