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Peter Gerrand is both a Research Fellow within the Faculty of Arts and a Professorial Fellow within the Melbourne School of Engineering at the University at Melbourne, Australia. He was the founding CEO of Melbourne IT (1996-2000), and chairs the Editorial Board of the Telecommunications Journal of Australia.

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The Catalan Campaign to Win .Cat Top-Level Domain

In September 2005 ICANN approved the first top–level Internet domain to be dedicated to a particular human language and culture: '.cat'. A related paper was recently published in First Monday by Peter Gerrand, titled "The Catalan campaign to win the new .cat top level domain". As explained in its abstract, the paper explains: "While '.cat' creates a precedent for greater use on the Internet of 'minority languages', there are significant hurdles for other candidates for language–based top–level domains. The paper discusses the concomitant factors needed to support the greater use of any minority language on the Internet." more

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The Catalan Campaign to Win .Cat Top-Level Domain