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Meng Weng Wong is best known for his work on SPF, the email authentication standard which was embraced and extended by Microsoft to form Sender ID. Meng has been involved in email for his entire professional life, having started, an email services company, in 1995. He has been actively involved in antispam technologies since 2003, working on opensource software and open standards. His second company,, is a one-stop shop for messaging reputation data. He studied computer science at the University of Pennsylvania, and entrepreneurship and leadership at the National University of Singapore. He grew up in Singapore, Vancouver, Philadelphia, and Atlanta. He now lives and works from home in Silicon Valley. His hobbies include recreational survivalism, Japanese green teas, housekeeping, and armchair dating. He gave up his car for a Segway and has no regrets.

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Internet Governance: An Antispam Perspective

All those Internet Governance pundits who track ICANN the way paparazzi track Paris Hilton are barking up the wrong tree. They've mistaken the Department of Street Signs for the whole of the state. The real action involves words like rbldnsd, content filtering, and webs of trust. Welcome to the Internet! What's on the menu today? Spam, with some phish on the side! We've got email spam, Usenet spam, IRC spam, IM spam, Jabber spam, Web spam, blogs spam, and spam splogs. And next week we'll have some brand new VoIP spam for you. Now that we're a few years into the Cambrian explosion of messaging protocols, I'd like to present a few observations around a theme and offer some suggestions. more

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Internet Governance: An Antispam Perspective