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Was born to parents of Chinese and Euro-American decent; grew up in three vastly different countries—the United States, Taiwan, and Russia; excelled in academics, earning a MS degree in mathematics from Russia’s top university; has worked in a wide variety of capacities, including apple peeler, filing clerk, translator, software architect, computer programmer, project manager, technical director, consultant, chief technical officer, and partner in a software start-up.

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Back in the days of dial-up modems and transfer speeds measured in hundreds of bits per second, unwanted email messages were actually felt as a significant dent in our personal pocketbooks. As increases in transfer speeds outpaced increases in spam traffic, the hundreds of unwanted emails we received per week became more of a nuisance than a serious financial threat. Today sophisticated spam filters offered by all major email providers keep us from seeing hundreds of unwanted emails on a daily basis, and relatively infrequently allow unwanted messages to reach our coveted Inboxes. So, to some degree, the spam problem has been mitigated. But this "mitigation" requires multiple layers of protection and enormous amounts of continually-applied effort. more