Jeremy Hitchcock

Jeremy Hitchcock

DNS and networking engineer, CEO at Dyn Inc
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Jeremy Hitchcock walked into Dyn Inc in 2001 as an unpaid shipper, responsible for putting little boxes inside of bigger boxes. Working his way up from the mail room, the 27-year-old techie is now the CEO and CFO of the company, responsible for advancing and growing the company through his “jack-of-all-trades” aptitude while counseling Dyn’s legal, financial, HR, marketing, engineering, and product development departments and providing strategic direction for the company as a whole. Jeremy brings his garage-tech enthusiasm and his degree from Worcester Polytechnic Institute to Dynamic Network Services (known simply as Dyn Inc.), turning this startup into an upstart.

Under Jeremy’s leadership, Dyn Inc. became the fastest growing DNS provider in the world, teaching people how to “break free” from their old DNS provider and offering a superior level of personal interaction and customer service. He helped nurture a free open-source project into a vibrant technology company that currently boasts more than two million customers growing. He has been a presenter at numerous conferences and events, including Web 2.0 and Interop, and he participates in many industry consortiums and organizations, including ICANN SSAC and NANOG.

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