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Jim Prendergast

President of The Galway Strategy Group
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For nearly 20 years, Jim Prendergast has operated at the intersection of technology, public policy and politics.  Jim founded The Galway Strategy Group, Inc. in October 2008 where he specializes in winning multi-disciplinary public affairs campaigns for clients.  Jim has extensive experience in state, federal and international campaigns including legislative and regulatory proceedings. 

Jim has been working on the new gTLD development process for over 3 years and as part of this effort he has been involved in the ICANN policy development process as well as participating in every ICANN, IGF and several other meetings where new gTLDs have been discussed. 

Prior to launching Galway, he was a Partner at the DCI Group, a Washington, DC based public affairs firm.  During this time he also served as a columnist for Fox News, writing a monthly column on technology issues.  He has done hundreds of media interviews on technology and its impact on consumers.

Jim earned his Bachelor of Science in Policy Analysis from Cornell University.

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