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Rouse & Co. International is an intellectual property consultancy, with offices world-wide. It provides a full range of IP services, from the implementation of global investigation and enforcement strategies, to the provision of commercial IP services, including IP filing and management services. It also provides IP related services including IP research and data protection.

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India: Changing Trends in Passing-Off

In India, whilst the Intellectual property owners continue to face the problems of counterfeiting and infringements of their brand names/trade marks, the emerging trend amongst misusers appears to be adopting famous/well known marks as a part of their trading style/corporate name. Obviously, the intention is to choose a name that is easy to recollect and gives the impression of being associated with a well-known company. More often than not, in order to claim honesty in adoption, the marks are adopted in relation to a different business as that of the IP holder. Also it is common among misusers to slightly twist the name or add a descriptive suffix/prefix to the well-known mark. more

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India: Changing Trends in Passing-Off