Sandeep Ramchandani

Sandeep Ramchandani

CEO at Radix
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Sandeep heads Radix - the Registry operator for new gTLDs like .online, .store, .tech, .website etc . He brings a decade of experience to the Team having held roles that span across strategy, policy and product management.

A founding member of LogicBoxes, Sandeep has consulted and helped develop over 100 ICANN Registrars companies including the current market leaders in Turkey, India, Mexico and Indonesia. He has also played the role of a trusted advisor to the Endurance International Group, DreamHost, Arvixe and CI Host on matters related to their domain registration product.

When Sandeep is not thinking about domains and the next big thing Radix will launch, he moonlights as a DJ. He has been a guest DJ at several domain and hosting industry conferences including Namescon and WHD Global.

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How Radix’s New gTLDs Fare with Consumers - An Infographic