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Mehdi Daoudi

CEO at Catchpoint Systems Inc
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The Ultimate Differentiator: Reliability!

Every company that monitors their site or application performance focuses on two key metrics Availability and Speed. However, there is a third metric, Reliability, which is often misunderstood or in some cases ignored by companies. Reliability measures availability, accuracy, and delivery of a service within a time threshold. Reliability is difficult to define and measure as it is different for each company and service. To simplify it, you can think of Reliability as how consistent are you in delivering the "service". more

Fast Web Performance Starts with DNS…

You wake up, make coffee, sit down by the computer and start reading your favorite web sites. You fire up your favorite browser and type '' on the address bar, hit enter and continue sipping on that coffee. You wait for the page to load, sipping some more coffee - a few seconds later you get the Google search results for ''. You scratch your head, sip some more coffee, and start wondering if you did a typo, but no it is correct - Google is not correcting your spelling. more

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Fast Web Performance Starts with DNS…

The Ultimate Differentiator: Reliability!