Joe S Alagna

Joe S Alagna

V.P. Channel Development
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Joe is the V.P., Channel Development, for ICANN accredited domain registrar, who offers the largest selection of domain names in the world. Prior to that he was the North American General Manager for CentralNic, a London based domain name registry & consultancy. 

Joe was involved in writing the business plans and applications for approximately 60 new gTLDs and has spoken on Day to Day Registry Operations and Management Best Practices for New TLD Applicants at ICANN (  He has attended over 20 ICANN meetings since 2001 and is an expert in domain name investments, registries, and registrars.

Any opinions posted are his own and may or may not reflect the opinions of his employer.

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Advertisers have given Verisign a free gift worth billions of dollars over the past 10 years. Sports Stadiums provide a great analogy... What do office supplies have to do with basketball? What does oil have to do with football? Yet, Staples will pay the Lakers $116 million dollars and Lucas Oil will pay the Indianapolis Colts about the same (over 20 years) to associate their company names with these stadiums. more

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On August 23rd, the Internet Governance Project posted a letter Opposing Political Intervention in the Internet's Core Technical Administrative Functions. I disagree. ICANN and Governments should get involved when it comes to protecting children online. Every effort should be made to make it SIMPLE for average parents to let their children run free online without the risk of running across pornography and adult material while doing so. Why continue to let pornographers run free and unchecked on the most exciting tool created in the history of mankind just because they got there first? more

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This post will explain why ICANN and the domain industry should foster and encourage the use of third-level domain name spaces to benefit the domain name industry and as a way to meet the growing demand for easy-to-remember URLs. ...The Internet was originally envisioned to be hierarchical in nature. The Domain Name System came into being out of a need for easy-to-remember network addresses. ...Although benefits have come out of the creation of the new TLDs, a simple, obvious, important, existing solution is largely being overlooked by the domain name industry... more