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Shaul Jolles

CEO at Dot Registry, LLC
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Shaul started envisioning the transition of his real estate holdings into the creation of various start up and incubator developments about 4 years ago. With a personal desire and eye for design and innovation, Shaul has focused his entrepreneur energy into the emerging technology industry by founding various innovative start ups and start up incubators around the US. Initiating efforts include being Co-Founder of OfficePort, a co-working business center with 2 locations in Kansas City and 1 in Chicago. His efforts of championing entrepreneurship are covered in various national media outlets and he has received national awards for his unique concepts. Shaul has had the honor of presenting at many entrepreneurship forums, including a 2012 entrepreneurship focused White House event. A dynamic and charismatic leader, Shaul is the type of person who is a relentless driver and gets things done through solid leadership and hard work. He holds a masters degree in Finance from the University of Missouri Kansas City, and is the proud father of 4 sons.

Shaul has spent the last two-plus years intently focused on Dot Registry, LLC as the sole corporate identifier gTLD community applicant, dedicated to protecting the US Business Communities of INCs, LLCs, LLPs, CORPs.

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