Jian Chuan Zhang

Jian Chuan Zhang

Senior Researcher at KNET and ZDNS
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Jian Chuan Zhang, Ph.D., is Senior Researcher at KNET and ZDNS, an affiliate of KNET. In charge of policy and compliance affairs, Mr. Zhang serves as the primary contact of the TLD “.??” (Chinese IDN meaning “web address” in English). He is an active domain name policy advocate in the Chinese Internet community and Internet regulation authorities.

Mr. Zhang has been involved in domain name industry and related policy development process for more than ten years. Before joining in KNET, he was the assistant to Director General of CNNIC, the registry operator of ccTLD “.CN.”

Mr. Zhang is an expert in the area of Internet Governance. His research on this topic can be traced back to 2003 when the World Summit on Information Society was held. Recently, he has served in IANA Transition CWG’s Design Team-D and IDN Guideline Working Group.

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