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Robert Alberti, CISSP

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Robert Alberti, CISSP, is Founder, President, Senior Consultant, and Chief Cook and Bottle Washer of Sanction, Inc., an independent data security consulting firm.

Sanction’s clients include Liberty Enterprises financial services, Faegre & Benson law firm, Minnesota Defense, Tile Shop, and Hay Dobbs architects.  Sanction conducts strategic, tactical and operational consulting services, including SCADA, GLB, and other compliance audits.

Mr. Alberti has been involved in the Internet and its predecessors since 1977.

In 1983 he started GamBit Multisystems, Inc., a “pre-Internet ISP,” (aka multi-user BBS).  GamBit featured “Scepter of Goth”, one of the earliest Multi-User Dungeons, as well as electronic mail, interactive chat, online forums, and other interactive multi-user games.

During the 1990’s he was part of the Internet Gopher (RFC 1436) development team, and was a pioneering “Web Master” for Network Systems Corp. back when you had to put quotes around that title and explain it to people.

In the late 1990’s he joined a Born, Inc., a Minneapolis-based consulting firm.  In 2000 he was promoted to Security Practice manager, just in time for the Dot Com Crash.  When Born downsized and refocused on its core competencies, Mr. Alberti left to start Sanction, Inc.

Robert Alberti lives in Minneapolis with his wife, the author Theresa Jarosz Alberti, and three children.


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