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Serena Raymond

Content Marketing Manager at DNSFilter
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I’ve worked in cybersecurity for over 6 years and in the DNS space since February 2020 when I joined DNSFilter. I’m a writer and content creator at DNSFilter and am particularly interested in the DNS security space.

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Cryptocurrency and DNS: Phishing Domains, Cryptomining and More

When we look at the intersection of cryptocurrency and domain data, we see something insidious: The prevalence of crypto-related threats. And it's not just cryptojacking. It's not even the use of cryptocurrency which has made ransomware attacks easier for threat actors to commit and all the more widespread. As with nearly every trend, there is always someone looking to capitalize on it and use it for their own, personal gain. Ever since cryptocurrency became the pandemic hobby of choice, threat actors have begun to target crypto novices for their schemes. more

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