Alex Ronquillo

Alex Ronquillo

Sr. Director of Business Development at WhoisXML API
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Alexander Ronquillo is the Sr. Director of Business Development at WhoisXML API and directs critical projects for the company’s enterprise engagements, continuous revenue growth, and Internet data exchange partnerships since 2019. Alex has extensive experience building win-win collaborations with the world’s best security vendors (TIP, SIEM, SOAR, etc.), Fortune 1000 companies, and international law enforcement agencies.

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Domain names are registered by the thousands every day. In July 2021, 236,336 domains were newly registered daily on average across all top-level domains (TLDs). Tens of thousands were also newly expired. Other months could be just as busy. "Newly registered" and "newly expired." Those are two terms I often get questions about. Newly registered domains are domains that someone just reserved, typically through a registrar or web hosting company. Newly expired domains, meanwhile, are those domains that someone had reserved but decided to let go for one reason or another. more

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