Vic DeBari

Vic DeBari

Global Director, Advisory and Engagement at CSC
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Vic DeBari is the global director of advisory and engagement at CSC. In this role, Vic and his team are responsible for assisting some of the largest brands in the world navigate events such as mergers and acquisitions, cyber attacks, brand launches, and digital infringement. Vic oversees several key strategic initiatives across the globe. He’s passionate about securing and protecting clients’ digital assets from the new threats that emerge daily in the digital world.

Prior to becoming global director, in his 17 years with CSC, Vic has held positions in project management, marketing, account management, service, and sales. His experience in sales includes managing North American accounts, North American sales, and the global middle market. A multi-faceted leader, Vic has enthusiasm for helping people develop their skills and takes an active role in team members’ and colleagues’ career development.

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