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Bill Slawski

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Bill Slawski is the President of SEO by the Sea. He started moonlighting in web promotion and design in 1996, while working for the Superior Court of the State of Delaware. Initially working for the Court as an intern for the staff attorney, his interest in technology overcame his interest in the law, and he started working to bring new technologies to the Court. The Court has been a pioneer in a number of technology initiatives over the last few years, and has been recognized by Harris Poll and the US Chamber of Commerce as the top trial court in the country for the last five years in a row. He left the Court in early 2005, to work full time with Maryland internet marketing firm In 2005, he started the blog, SEO by the Sea, focusing upon search related patents, internet marketing and search engine optimization.

Bill, born 1961, has a jurisdoctor degree in law and BA in English.

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