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Isabel recently became interested in the domains market after 10 years in the web hosting industry. As co-founder of ISPcheck, she sold ads to prehistoric web space providers ($99 for 5MB, anyone?). As editor and publisher of Web Hosting Magazine, she covered the dotcom era data center boom - and bust (remember Exodus?). And as VP Communications at EV1Servers, she got an up-close view of the dedicated servers business. Isabel thinks the next big thing in Internet infrastructure is the convergence between domains and social media.

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Social Operating System: Connecting Domains and Social Media

Wired Magazine (Aug 2007 print issue, page 50) defines "social operating system" as a platform for online living; a social network such as MySpace that seamlessly integrates activities including entertainment and shopping. But Jon Udell points out that MySpace is not Your Space. He envisions a future in which each child would receive his or her own chunk of managed storage at birth.. Of course, we'd want the ability for Bob's Space to connect with Jane's Space - suppose they are siblings starring in the same family vacation video, or co-authors of a research report? more

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Social Operating System: Connecting Domains and Social Media