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Mike Rodenbaugh

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My firm represents clients in all matters relating to domain names, trademarks, copyrights, and other forms of intellectual property, and in e-commerce, licensing and marketing transactions and dispute resolution efforts.

I started my own law firm in 2007, after more than seven years co-managing trademark and domain name inventory and strategy as Senior Legal Director at Yahoo! Inc. I also handled hundreds of different transactions and dispute resolutions for Yahoo! My team managed all matters of protection and infringement of Yahoo!’s trademarks and domain names worldwide, and advised on all legal and policy issues involving brand marketing, trademarks, domain names, and rights of publicity.

I am active in the Anti-Phishing Working Group, International Trademark Association and ICANN. With respect to ICANN, I am elected to represent the Business Constituency as one of its three Officers, and as one of its three Councilors to the Generic Names Supporting Organization. The GNSO Council develops policy relating to generic top level domain space, such as .com, net, org, biz, info, travel, jobs—and many new gTLDs coming in 2010 and beyond.

Mike Rodenbaugh’s Specialties:
Business transactions, counseling and conflict resolution relating to marketing, advertising and intellectual property such as trademarks, domain names, rights of publicity, and copyright.

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