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Yves Poppe

Director, Business Development IP Strategy at Tata Communications
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Yves Poppe has spent his more than 35 years career in data communications with both manufacturers and telecom carriers. Representing Teleglobe on the Canarie (Canadian R&E;network) Policy Board, Yves supported the early IPv6 efforts including the creation of 6TAP in Chicago. Teleglobe became a founding member of the IPv6 Forum . Yves Poppe represents the Corporation at the IPv6 Forum and is steering committee member of the North American IPv6 taskforce (NAV6TF).

Yves Poppe represents Teleglobe in TERENA, Internet2, Canarie and APAN and participated in the GSM Association IPv6 project. He is a frequent presenter on the evolution of telecommunications and the internet and the key role of IPv6. Yves also regularly covers the evolution of subsea communication capacity and international telecommunications at sessions of TEMIC (Telecommunications Executive Management Institute of Canada).

Teleglobe became part of VSNL International in 2006 and was renamed Tata Communications in February 2008 <a href=“http://www.tatacommunications.com/”>

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2009 - Jun 18 on Verizon Mandates IPv6 Support for Next-Gen Cell Phones
2008 - Jan 14 on Up to 300 Megawatt Worth of Keepalive Messages to be Saved by IPv6?

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