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Mr. Rathaus has a vast knowledge in the Computer Security field, having 10 years of experience in Security for the various platforms and over 8 years of C/C++ programming experience. In 1998, he started the popular “” security portal, today one of the largest security databases on the Internet, and a year later co-founded Beyond Security that now owns and manages

Noam is the co-author of the popular technical books “Open Source Fuzzing Tools”, “Nessus Network Auditing”, “Nessus, SNORT, Ethereal power tools” and “Open Source Penetration Tools” and holds a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering.

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For those not familiar with RBL, the term means Real-time Blackhole List, it is mainly used for SPAM fighting. I have recently started playing around with Google as an RBL engine, the idea is that if the search term I use hits too many hits it is likely to be SPAM. The danger of course is that the term could be simply popular -- but the trick here is that I'm using something very special as the search term -- the IP address of the poster. more

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Google as a Real-time Blackhole List