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Kurt Dobbins

Chief Technology Officer, IP Services, Arbor Networks
Joined on August 1, 2008
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Kurt founded Ellacoya Networks in 1998 and today he drives Arbor Networks’ DPI technology strategy and vision, working with broadband service provider customers worldwide to transition to subscriber and application-aware intelligent broadband networks.

He has over twenty years of engineering and product development experience, and has led pioneering efforts in switching, service networking, routing, network management, and communication systems. Prior to founding Ellacoya Networks, Kurt was Technical Director for Cabletron Systems, where he architected and shaped product development for advanced switching solutions.

Kurt is the named author of over a dozen patents in networking and communications, with six additional patents pending.

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DPI is Not a Four-Letter Word!

As founder and CTO of Ellacoya Networks, a pioneer in Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), and now having spent the last year at Arbor Networks, a pioneer in network-based security, I have witnessed first hand the evolution of DPI. It has evolved from a niche traffic management technology to an integrated service delivery platform. Once relegated to the dark corners of the central office, DPI has become the network element that enables subscriber opt-in for new services, transparency of traffic usage and quotas, fairness during peak busy hours and protection from denial of service attacks, all the while protecting and maintaining the privacy of broadband users. Yet, DPI still gets a bad rap... more

Hunting Unicorns: Myths and Realities of the Net Neutrality Debate

In many ways, the emotionally charged debate on Network Neutrality (NN) has been a lot like hunting Unicorns. While hunting the mythical horse could be filled with adrenalin, emotion, and likely be quite entertaining, the prize would ultimately prove to be elusive. As a myth, entertaining; but when myths become reality, then all bets are off. The Network Neutrality public and private debate has been filled with more emotion than rational discussion, and in its wake a number of myths have become accepted as reality. Unfortunately, public policy, consumer broadband services, and service provider business survival hang in the balance. more

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DPI is Not a Four-Letter Word!

Hunting Unicorns: Myths and Realities of the Net Neutrality Debate