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Richard Stiennon is a security industry innovator. He is currently consulting, speaking and writing on all manner of security topics and has just announced the launch of Seccom Global, a Managed Security Service Provider focused on UTM. He was most recently chief marketing officer for Fortinet. He has served stints at PricewaterhouseCoopers, Gartner, and Netrex, the world’s first managed security service provider.

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The RBNexploit blog states that the website '' was under DDoS attack since Thursday. That site is now hosted out of Atlanta, Georgia (don't you love coincidence?) by Tulip Systems who is prominently displaying an AP story... "Speaking via cell phone from Georgia, Doijashvili said the attacks, traced to Moscow and St. Petersburg, are continuing on the U.S. servers." Rusisan military surrogates in the form of the criminal Russian Business Network are engaged in attacks against servers on US soil. This point should be brought up as the Group of 8-1 discusses appropriate responses to Russia's attack on Georgia. more

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Did Russian Cyber Attacks Precede Military Action?