Fernando Barrio

Fernando Barrio

Professor of Law at Universidad Nacional de Río Negro
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In charge of Computer Law, Intellectual Property Law and Media Law. Director of a the federal funded research project Criminal Law and the Protection of Minors in Internet, and the federal funded outreach project Connecting with Security.

Research, consultancy, and teaching in knowledge industries domestic and international on legal and policy issues. Advised governments and companies on regulatory and policy issues of IP and IT, especially related to trade agreements and impact of globalization.

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The Massive Cyberattack or Chronicle of a Strike Foretold

During the last Computer Law Conference organized by ADIAR (Argentina Computer Law Association) and the Universidad Nacional de Sur, I gave a conference on the Internet of Things, cybercrime and dangerous situation presented by the lack of proper regulation -- a topic in which I have one of my research projects. At the moment some people argued that I was talking about something that might happen in a relatively distant future, dissenting with my view that the possibility was imminent.. more

Caring About Cybersecurity or Preparing the Ground for an I-Patriot Act?

Few months ago in a talk given at the Institution of Engineering and Technology organised here in London by the Society for Computers and Law, Professor Lessig recounted a conversation he had with former US Counter Terrorism Czar Richard Clarke, where Larry asked the question that many had in mind... how the US Government managed to conceptualize, design and draft a piece of legislation as vast and complex as the USA PATRIOT Act in such a short period of time (a month and 15 days after 9/11), and the answer was what many people had imagined... more