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Mark Collier

CTO at SecureLogix
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I am the CTO at SecureLogix, which is a voice security and management company. I am actively working in the VoIP security space, performing research and steering our products. I recently wrote a book entitled “Hacking Exposed: VoIP Security”.

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VoIP Security Predictions for 2009

Here are my VoIP and Voice security predictions for 2009, limited to just a few, key predictions... The poor economy will slow the adoption rate for VoIP and Unified Communications (UC). This will continue to limit the size of the enterprise VoIP deployments for potential hackers to exploit. VoIP/UC will continue to be mostly an internal/campus application where the threat level for attack is low, so deployments will be largely secured along the same lines as other data network applications. more

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VoIP Security Predictions for 2009