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Sebastian has been working on Internet related matters since 2002, when he was appointed by the ICANN Board to the Interim At Large Advisory Committee.
His duties during those years included outreach activities among the Latin America communities and policy work. The ALAC appointed him to the WIPO2 Assistance Group and the Transfers Assistance Group.  He served in the ALAC until 2006, when the LACRALO was formed and elect its representative to the definitive ALAC. In 2007, Sebastian was appointed to the ICANN´s Nominating Committee (NomCom) as a voting member.

Sebastian had help in the effort to revamp the Internet Society chapter in Argentina, and worked with other ISOC members form around the globe in the WSIS process, both during the preparation meetings in Geneva and also during the Tunis phase. He has a sound experience and knowledge on Internet governance matters.

In 2006, Sebastian was appointed to the Public Interest Registry Advisory Council, where he was re-appointed in 2009 and 2012.

He holds a bachelor degree in Law form Buenos Aires University and a Masters degree on Business Administration from Universidad del CEMA. He is currently associated with Díaz Bobillo, Richard & Sigwald, and lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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