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Lydia Leong

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Lydia Leong has been involved in ISP operations, engineering, and business strategy for most of her career. After engineering director positions at Digex and [email protected], she became an Internet industry analyst at Gartner. Opinions that she posts here are strictly her own, and are not to be construed as official Gartner positions.

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Breaking the Internet’s Consensus Rule

The Internet, ultimately, is a fragile thing, as an entity. It depends upon the consensus of those responsible for its infrastructure to operate on a daily basis. Because of the inherent robustness as a technical architecture, there is no entity that can "break the Internet" in the sense of stopping the flow of traffic, but there are several entities that can create a variety of inconveniences, some minor and some serious, for the millions who use the Internet. more

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Breaking the Internet’s Consensus Rule