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Evan is the technical writer for DNS Made Easy, a leading provider of DNS hosting. Follow DNS Made Easy on Twitter at @dnsmadeeasy, Like them on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/dnsmadeeasy, and check out all the services they offer on http://www.dnsmadeeasy.com

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Passwords Are Not Enough: Without Two Factor Authentication Your Business Is At Risk

Passwords are no longer sufficient to maintain an adequate level of security for business critical infrastructure and services. Two-factor authentication should be considered the minimum acceptable level of access control. There have been two types of security stories in the technology news over the last few months that should be of particular concern to system administrators and those responsible for maintaining business network infrastructure. more

BIND 9 Users Should Upgrade to Most Recent Version to Avoid Remote Exploit

A remote exploit in the BIND 9 DNS software could allow hackers to trigger excessive memory use, significantly impacting the performance of DNS and other services running on the same server. A flaw was recently discovered in the regular expression implementation used by the libdns library, which is part of the BIND package. The flaw enables a remote user to cause the 'named' process to consume excessive amounts of memory, eventually crashing the process and tying up server resources to the point at which the server becomes unresponsive. more

DNS Bug Disclosure: ICANN Releases New Guidelines

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has released new guidance concerning the reporting and disclosure of bugs that affect the Domain Name System, including information of how ICANN itself will behave in response to vulnerabilities. Until recently, ICANN, which is responsible for maintaining the root domain servers at the heart of the DNS system, had no specific guidelines for the reporting of vulnerabilities, leaving responsible disclosure protocols up to the researchers who discovered the bug. more

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