Shweta Sahjwani

Shweta Sahjwani

Manager, Strategic Partnerships at Radix
Joined on September 2, 2013
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Shweta Sahjwani is actively involved in shaping the strategy and operations of Radix, a new gTLD applicant with 29 applications. Closely associated with Radix since its early days, Shweta has been instrumental in steering the organization through its various stages of policy making.

Currently in her second year at Radix, Shweta is a graduate of the Indian School of Business, where she majored in Strategy and Finance. Prior to this, she worked as an associate with Edelweiss Capital’s Principle Strategies Group in addition to being an entrepreneur and co-founder of an online crowd-funding platform – Shweta also holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in Management and Commerce respectively from Mumbai University. Connect with Shweta on LinkedIn here.

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