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Bryant has over 15 years of experience presenting IP technology and products/services to Fortune 50 customers, sales executives and other engineers. He has provided IT and IP technology consulting to both commercial and federal markets at Booz Allen Hamilton and EDS. Bryant has gained valuable experience at several large service providers such as UUNET and Level 3 supporting security-related services and MPLS VPN. At Neustar for the past 3 years, Bryant has specialized in DDoS mitigation as a subject matter expert and external performance monitoring.

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We recently received an email from a customer asking about hybrid DDoS mitigation and its ability to stop large application layer attacks. Here's the truth: Hybrid DDoS mitigation works and can stop large application layer attacks. Hybrid DDoS mitigation typically involves a purpose-built DDoS mitigation appliance or software on dedicated hardware that sits immediately in front of or behind an enterprise's edge router. more

Blocking Amplification Attacks: Sometimes the Incentives Work Against You

Since the end of last year, amplification attacks have been increasingly used by attackers and received heavy media coverage. Everyday protocols not given much thought before, like Network Time Protocol (NTP), can be asked in a very short remote command to send a very large response (list of 600 clients last connected to the NTP server) to a spoofed IP address (the target) by the requestor/attacker. more

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