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WebHosting.Info is the largest research and statistics portal primarily dedicated towards the web services industry. Its purpose is to continuously release data presenting micro and macro statistics about the Web Services industry—Hosting Companies, Registries, Domain Registrars, Data centers etc across the world. It also provides statistical trends and patterns across Countries, IP Addresses, Domain Names, Web Servers, Operating Systems and other variables directly or indirectly related to the Web Services Industry.

The statistics collected by WebHosting.Info are a result of a patent-pending process created through two years of extensive research and development. At WebHosting.Info, we provide a vast range of customized reports and statistics about the web hosting and domain name industry, with an aim to create a free market, foster healthy competition, and eventually create a transparent and open economy.

WebHosting.Info currently monitors over 35 million domain names, 1.3 million DNS servers, 35,000+ hosting companies, and approximately 2 billion IP Address on a regular basis; to arrive at statistics that exposes the entire web services industry for anyone to view, inspect and analyze. No other service or technology exists, worldwide; that offers comparable breadth and depth.

Additional statistics about Domain Registrars, Registries and Web Hosting Companies can be found at WebHosting.Info.

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Report on Distribution Analysis of Internationalized Domain Names

In December 2003, the testing phase of Multilingual domains also known as Internationalized Domain Names (IDN), went live with the addition of over 350,000 multilingual domains to the .com and .net registries. As of 1st January 2004, the .com registry contained 300,409 IDN's, whereas the .net registry had 79,630 IDN's, representing around 1.25% of the total .com and .net domains. WebHosting.Info has analyzed these 380,039 IDN domains that are now live, and provided a detailed insight on trends and patterns across these domains. more

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