Marc Blanchet

Marc Blanchet

Internet Network Engineer and Consultant
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Marc Blanchet is President of Viagenie, a consulting and R&D;firm in advanced IP networking engineering, with focus on IPv6, DNS, VoIP, internationalization and space networking. On the i18n standards, he was the co-chair of the first IETF idn working group and co-authored Nameprep(RFC3491) and Stringprep (RFC3454) and Precis framework(RFC7564).  He has been co-chair of vcarddav, precis, iri, sunset4, dtn and ianaplan IETF working groups. At ICANN, he is member of the Root zone LGR Integration Panel and was part of the ICANN IDN Variants User Experience team. His company was also in the engineering team that started CIRA, the .ca TLD registry. He is currently a member of the Internet Architecture Board (IAB).  He is also involved in space networking, by chairing the CCSDS SANA wg and is the architect of the SANA registry for space protocols.

He authored the “Migrating to IPv6” book published by Wiley and co-authored the Cisco IPv6 course. Marc receives a master’s degree in electrical engineering from Laval University.

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