Bhavin Turakhia

Bhavin Turakhia

CEO, Directi
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Bhavin is the Founder, CEO & Chairman of Directi, a global Web Services organisation. He brings over 12 years of technology experience and over 6 years of Market knowledge to Directi and is today chiefly responsible for the entire Vision, Strategy, and Service Offerings of Directi. He brings in a very deep understanding of the entire Industry, a Strong Technical background, a keen Business sense, and most importantly, an unquenchable ambition for growth.

In 1998, he founded Directi, with a focus to develop volume based Web Products and Services for a global audience. Directi was started with, and still remains a technology-centric company, serving a growing audience of over 100,000 Customers in over 180 countries.

Bhavin is also the inventor of WebHosting.Info, an innovative statistics portal about the Web Hosting industry, and leads the technology team at WebHosting.Info. He has written several famous papers on e-commerce Trends in India, and has spoken at various seminars across the globe on various topics from Advertising on the Internet, to Infrastructure and e-commerce related issues. He also serves as a technical advisor to the CyberCrime Investigation Cell in Mumbai, and as an active member on the NASSCOM CyberCop committee.

His strong business skills, combined with a deep understanding of technology are what keeps Directi as Market Leaders in all its service offerings. His fabulous understanding of market trends guides Directi’s vision and direction. He is also the Architect behind the various Products and Services that Directi is building, both in terms of Technology and Business Logic.

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