Vincentas Grinius

Vincentas Grinius

CEO and Co-Founder at IPXO
Joined on December 15, 2020
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Vincentas Grinius is currently a CEO and one of the co-founders at IPXO, where IPXO is solving the IPv4 shortage problem by building better access to the IPv4 space.

Vincentas has a long track record and 10+ years of experience combining today’s technologies and making Heficed the first in the market IPv4 lease and monetization platform. The platform brings RIRs, LIRs, and from small to large enterprises together to share the IPv4 resources and to make the Internet much more sustainable.

Looking at the future, Vincentas is committed to engaging with the community building the best possible IPv4 accessibility for any industry suffering from the IPv4 shortage.

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