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Phillip J. Windley is a nationally recognized expert in using information technology (IT) to add value to the business. Dr. Windley regularly consults with businesses on this topic. He is particularly interested in the areas of interoperability, web services, XML, and digital identity. Dr. Windley is a frequent author and speaker on these topics and authors a free, daily web-based newsletter. His web-site contains numerous white papers in these areas and others.

Dr. Windley served from 2001-2002 as the Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the State of Utah, serving on the Governor Mike Leavitt’s Cabinet and as a member of his Senior Staff. In this capacity he was responsible for effective use of all IT resources in the state and advised the Governor on technology issues. During his tenure, the State was repeatedly recognized by many national groups for its excellence in the areas of IT and eGovernment.

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