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Tal Golan

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Sender Address Verification is the ONLY real solution to the problem of spam. While others talk about future “schemes” that may or may not actually work, Sendio is currently providing a real solution - TODAY!

No filters. No quarantine folders. No false positives.

Stop 100% of machine generated spam in a true “Set it & Forget it” network appliance.

Visit for more information.

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Sender Address Verification: Solving the Spam Crisis

There are many companies in the spam-fighting business and most, if not all, claim to be hugely successful. Yet spam is exponentially more prevalent today than it was just 2 years ago. How can one conclude that today's anti spam solutions are working? This year spammers will use machine-generated programs to send trillions of unsolicited email. Thankfully, a new anti-spam technology has made its way into the market. more