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John Bergmayer lives in Boulder, Colorado with one dog, one human and two cats. He is a student at the University of Colorado Law School, and has a degree in English from Colorado State University. Before going to law school, he served for six years in the Colorado Army National Guard and held a variety of jobs around the state.

In additional to law, he is interested in technology, literature, music, Macintosh computers, and BMX. He has frequently collaborated with electronic pop artist Fingernail, and he ranked as “alternate” in the 1987 Pinewood Derby for Cub Scout Pack 38 in Brick, New Jersey. He has not cooked a good meal since starting law school. His résumé is available at here.

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Carriers Constrain Entrepreneurs

Previously, I've written about how the success of the MVNO (though not without its problems) demonstrates how an Open Access-like business model can work in a wireless context. The underlying carrier, such as Sprint or Verizon, can sell access to its network at wholesale rates to a company like Virgin Mobile, which then markets to consumers. This model can be and is a success both for the retailer and the wholesaler. MVNOs are not perfect. more

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Carriers Constrain Entrepreneurs