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Phil Buckingham

CEO, Dot Advice Limited
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Phil Buckingham, CEO Dot Advice Ltd, a UK based gTLD consulting firm with offices in NYC and LA. It provides advisory services to gTLD Registries and Registrars on a number of fronts, from application, successful launch to strategic and financial advice on business plans,funding, operational readiness to launch, contention set strategy, valuations and resolutions.

Dot Advice Ltd is currently providing financial stats, trends, analytics, valuations and reports on individual TLDs from key TLD data metrics and for the industry as a whole.

Dot Advice Registrar has also developed bespoke business models, including those for closed, single registrant single user, vertically Integrated .Brand TLD Registries.

Phil is passionate about the Domain name business, especially in the launching and implications of 1000+ new gTLDs. A strategic thinker, entrepreneurial, DNS 1995 pioneer, he has a deep understanding of the Registry business(@Nominet,UK)and Registrar business(@Netnames,UK)from start up, financing, business development, operations to flotation. Phil was co founder and CFO of Netnames,a corporate brand Registrar back in 1995.He was instrumental in a merger and IPO flotation on the LSE in 2000.

Phil has been involved in ICANN’s gTLD Financial evaluation process, GNSO Vertical Integration WG.

Dot Advice previously advised many gTLD applicants on strategy, financial models and answers,LOC COI calcs.

To contact Phil: Please email: phil(at) or skype: philip.buckingham14

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