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Patricia Steadman

CEO and Co-founder
Joined on June 14, 2003
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Patricia Steadman CEO and Co-founder of Incognito Software has been a vocal proponent of responsible Network and Internet Management since 1992, when she co-founded Incognito Software with Stephane Bourque. Being one of the first to recognize the inadequacy of BIND, she pioneered the field of DNS (Domain Name System) software and network security. Always on the cutting edge of DNS evolution, she is responsible for architecting one of the only extensible, secure, scalable proprietary DNS solutions available on the market and for bringing the issue of security vulnerabilities within BIND to the forefront of DNS community. Patricia has been an active voice within industry associations and protocol bodies, and is often sought-out as an authority on evolving IP and DNS technologies.

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Preventing Future Attacks: Alternatives In DNS Security Management - Part II

In Part I of this article I set the stage for our discussion and overviewed the October 21st DDoS attacks on the Internet's 13 root name servers. In particular, I highlighted that the attacks were different this time, both in size and scope, because the root servers were attacked at the same time. I also highlighted some of the problems associated with the Domain Name System and the vulnerabilities inherent in BIND. Part II of this article takes our discussion to another level by critically looking at alternatives and best practices that can help solve the security problems we've raised. more

Preventing Future Attacks: Alternatives In DNS Security Management - Part I

The October 21 DDoS attacks against the 13 root-name servers containing the master domain list for the Internet's Domain Name System (DNS), (which reportedly took offline 9 of the 13 servers) remain a clear and daunting reminder of the vulnerabilities associated with online security. Many DNS authorities have named the most recent hit the largest DDoS attack against the root server system. Chris Morrow, network security engineer for UUNET, the service provider for two of the world's 13 root servers, recently told The Washington Post... more