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Michael H. Berkens is a member of the Florida Bar, President of Worldwide Media, Inc. whcih owns over 75,000 domain name, a Director in RightoftheDot.com and writes a blog at TheDomains.com.

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Government of Quebec Ends Its Participation in .Quebec TLD Days Before Launch

According to ici.radio-canada.ca, the Government of Quebec has decided to end its participation in the new gTLD .Quebec, just days before .Quebec launches. According to the story the Government has decided not to change Government websites to .Quebec and will instead retain all of its Website to end in .gouv.qc.ca... "The news will no doubt be received as a cold shower by PointQu├ębec organization, which is the company that is operating .Quebec registry. more

1st Sealed Bid gTLD Contention Auction Completed for the String .One

The first sealed bid auction for a new gTLD contention set was completed last week for the string .One. To our knowledge this is 1st auction to be conducted by a third party other than Applicant Auction to settle a contention set and marks the first time a new gTLD contention set was settled through a "Single Sealed Bid Second Price" auction... The winning bidder for the new TLD extension was One.com of Dubai, AE, which will act as the worldwide registry for .One domains. more

What New gTLD’s Can Learn From Namejet .PW Auctions & Godaddy’s .LA Auction This Week

Over this past week both Namejet.com and Godaddy.com ran auctions of re-branded ccTLD's and I think the results are a preview of what's to come for new gTLD's that attempt the same strategy. Namejet.com ran an auction of .PW single character domain names; single letter domains and single numbered domain names. Arguably single letter and single numbered domains such as; o.co, 8.asia, and z.com, are some of the most valuable inventory any registry will ever have, especially in the new gTLD world when two letter domains are going to require ICANN approval. more

Google: Not All ccTLD’s Are Created Equally in Generic Search Rankings

There is a very interesting video posted on YouTube.com from Matt Cutts of Google who answered the question about how ccTLD's are viewed by Google especially when they are being used as domain hacks. Here is the question: "We have a vanity domain (http://ran.ge) that unfortunately isn't one of the generic TLDs, which means we can't set our geographic target in Webmaster Tools. Is there any way to still target our proper location?" more

Can Plural and Singular New gTLDs Both Be Successful?

Now that ICANN has stuck to its guns and only placed 4 new gTLD's strings that look confusingly similar into contention sets, rather than those that sound identical, such as .inc and .ink or those that have the same meaning like .Law and .Lawyer or those that are singular and plurals of the same word, like .deal and .deals, we now that many new gTLD's are going to have a very a tough marketing road and face a lot of consumer confusion. more

What Did we Learn Today About .XXX From IFFOR Tax Return

The 2011 Tax return for IFFOR has been filed and our friend George Kirikos of Leap.com found it.. IFFOR's tax return is important for two reasons. First IFFOR return shows us how how much money the non-profit, which is suppose to receive $10 for each .XXX registration, actually received from ICM the operator of the .XXX TLD and how IFFOR spent the money. Second the return is important to see how the money ICM the registry operator of the .XXX TLD paid to IFFOR matches up to ICM reported number of .XXX domain name registrations. more

Contention Is Best Settled by Those Who Know the Players & Industry

Several posts have been made on the topic of contention resolution and private auctions around the new gTLD program over the last few weeks on CircleID. Many of the Applicants we spoke to thought it was appropriate to weigh in from the RightoftheDot.com perspective. We want you to know that the RightOfTheDot auction offering for contention resolution for new gTLD's, unlike other offerings, remains unchanged from when it was first announced to the Domain Industry. more

What If New gTLD Applicants Held Private Auctions Where Losing Applicants, Not ICANN Gets The Money

Over the last week at ICANN the arguably best idea coming out of the ICANN meeting is the concept that applicants for new gTLD strings with more than one application, hold a private auction amongst themselves with the winning amount going to the other losing applicants instead of to ICANN. As a backdrop, under the Guidebook multiple applicants for a new gTLD extension are encouraged to work together and come to an agreement to resolve the conflict. more

ICANN Publishes Its Annual Report and Reports $100 Million in Assets

ICANN just published its annual report for 2011 and god bless, in the worst economy of our lifetimes they managed to get up to just short of $100 Million in assets; cash, investments and accounts receivable for the year ending June 30, 2011. According to the report as of June 30, 2011, ICANN has over $29 Million in Cash, $51 Million in investments and over $15 Million in accounts receivable, and with some other assets all totalled, just short of $100 Million dollars. more

Another Thanksgiving and Another 131 Domain Names Seized by Homeland Security

Last year I wrote a post right after Thanksgiving entitled: "While You Were Eating You're Turkey Homeland Security Was Seizing 9 Domains". Well I could have repeated the headline today except the number would be 131 domains rather than just 9. Looks like Homeland Security is going to make domain seizures on Thanksgiving as common in the US as Turkey and Stuffing. more

Why the Lawsuit Against .XXX Maybe the Best Sales Tool Ever For New gTLD Applicants

"There is a serious danger that ICM will establish and monopolize such a distinct market. As consumers seeking adult content become more aware of the .XXX TLD, registering and displaying websites in other generic TLDs may not easily be substituted for registration in the .XXX TLD." No that statement is not from the ICM Registry's sales material. more