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Annalisa Roger

CEO of DotGreen Community, Inc
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Annalisa Roger is the CEO of DotGreen Community, Inc., stewards of the new .green Top Level Domain (TLD). The .green initiative represents Roger’s vision for the first Top Level Domain for social responsibility. Under Roger’s leadership, DotGreen successfully passed the ICANN new gTLD evaluation process and later negotiated a partnership with Afilias, the world’s 2nd largest registry operator, to bring .green domain names online in support of the green economy beginning January 2015.

Roger has been a pioneer in the green movement. She has been actively involved in the local and global communities for many years and has managed small to large-scale projects and events. She co-founded and twice was elected Vice-chair of SF Bay, the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Chapter of The Internet Society, and was appointed by the Marin County Board of Supervisors as a Women’s Commissioner advocating for access to services for women and children.

The new .green Top Level Domain serves Internet users and website owners looking to make a difference in the worldwide shift to sustainable business practices and healthier lifestyles. Along the way, .green provides a clear branding opportunity for businesses in the green economy to reach a growing global community of values-driven consumers. It becomes a powerful beacon for Internet users seeking to identify which brands and companies are part of the solution.

DotGreen Community, Inc. leads the way by committing a percentage of all domain name registration and renewal fees to the DotGreen Foundation, in partnership with EarthShare, to forward environmental progress around the world. This provides added authenticity for those using the .green branded Internet address.

Roger joined the ICANN community in 2006 and attended 20 meetings to participate in the development of the new gTLD program. She was passionate to forward the .green TLD initiative. While at ICANN, she joined the North American Regional At-Large Organization, NARALO, and volunteered as chairman for several working groups for the At Large Advisory Committee, ALAC, which advocates for policies to benefit the Internet user.

Roger and her husband have four children and live in Marin County, CA.

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