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Dr. Seamus Phan

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Dr Seamus Phan is Asia’s leading authority on Internet, e-business, wireless technology, business process re-engineering, and service quality. He is the founder of KnowledgeLabs News Center, TechPharma Labs (a peak performance company for holistic health), as well as previously co-founded leading publicity and training firm McGallen & Bolden Group.

In the areas of Internet and network security, Seamus was a Singapore pioneer in commercial Internet adoption and implementation. In 1996, he was one of the pioneering participants of the Internet 1996 World Exposition, creating the first multimedia capable content-rich site Global Asia, which garnered numerous awards at that time. Seamus has been a code hacker since late 1970s, starting with Atari TRS 80, UNIX and Mac, and has successfully demonstrated advanced skills in code protection and its disarmament. His graduate dissertation was on e-learning implementations, and his doctoral dissertation on an original implementation of coding using a combination of Perl and server-side includes (SSIs) for a custom-built business efficiency analysis system for small businesses (modeled after the ISO 14000 parameters). He has written Java and server-side scripting applications on Perl and PHP, and has designed, consulted and implemented large-scale Internet sites for intranet, knowledge management (KM), metasearch, e-learning and the public. Seamus has been actively involved hands-on as a Chief Information Officer (CIO) for McGallen & Bolden in the 1990s right up to 2000, and helped the firm design, develop and consult in areas of Internet security, training and audits for clients and internally. Today, Seamus teaches management perspectives and insights on the use of Internet, best practices of Internet security, and knowledge management.

Seamus is a published author, with several books, including “Service Quality - The Enlightened Approach” (ISBN 9810064578), “The Internet Webmaster Logbook” (ISBN 9810076487, an Amazon bestseller), “ISO 9000 Primer” (ISBN 9810425325, e-book) and “ISO 14000 Primer” (ISBN 9810425317, e-book). He has also released “E-Business Primer” (ISBN 9810445563, Audio CD), and “Using the Internet as a Service Quality Weapon” (ISBN 9810445571, Video CD). His latest book, co-authored with experienced PR practitioner Ter Hui Peng, “Dot ZEN” (ISBN 981045645X), focuses on business leadership, entrepreneurship, marketing, branding, PR, and the smart use of the Internet, based on principles of Zen Buddhism.


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