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Donald E. Eastlake

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Donald E. Eastlake III, is the co-chairman of the joint IETF/W3C XML Digital Signature working group, a member of the W3C Encryption and W3C XML Key Management System working groups, and co-author of the XML Digital Signature, XML Encryption, and XML Exclusive Canonicalization standards. He has been deeply involved in network and financial transaction security for many years with IBM, CyberCash, and Digital Equipment Corporation, and is now at Motorola as a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff. He was the principal author of the current IETF Domain Name System security standard and is chairman of the e-Commerce oriented IETF TRADE working group. He has four patents.

Earlier efforts in his three decades of work with computer technology include contributions to the Greenblatt Chess Program at MIT, the first computer program to plan chess in tournament competition and be granted a chess rating, and project management of the Data Computer at Computer Corporation of America, the first general purpose terabit data management system on the Internet.


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