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Göran Marby’s First Visit to China as ICANN President, Named ??? by China Internet Community

This report was co-authored by ZHAOHAN LI and LIU YUE

On April 20, 2017, an 8-person delegation led by Göran Marby, President & CEO of ICANN, visited China Academy of Information and Communication Technology (CAICT). Madam Liu Duo, President of CAICT met with Mr. Göran Marby and the delegation. After the meeting, Mr. Marby attended the Chinese Internet Community Seminar held jointly by CAICT and ICANN Beijing Engagement Center. It was Mr. Marby’s first visit to China after being appointed as the President and CEO of ICANN, and also the first time for him to attend the Chinese Internet Community Seminar and exchange opinions with Chinese Internet Community members in face to face.

Göran Marby, President & CEO of ICANN attending the Chinese Internet Community Seminar held jointly by CAICT and ICANN Beijing Engagement Center (Click to Enlarge)

On the seminar, Mr. Hu Jianbo, Director of Industry and Planning Research Institute of CAICT, gave an opening speech on behalf of Madam Liu Duo to welcome Mr. Marby for his visit and participation in community activities. His speech reviewed the achievements made since the signing of the cooperation memorandum between CAICT and ICANN three years ago and noted that CAICT would be determined to play its role, to enhance its cooperation with ICANN and other parties, and to support and promote the development of the community. Mr. Marby made a speech to express his gratitude for CAICT’s efforts in promoting communication between ICANN and the Chinese Internet Community. He pointed out that ICANN attached importance to its cooperation with China and he himself was very pleased to join the community activity and was willing to hear the voice of the China Internet Community and learn Chinese experience. He wished that ICANN enhance communication and cooperation with CAICT and the Chinese Internet Community.

During interaction session, Mr. Marby and his team, exchanged ideas with more than 40 delegates from government agencies, domain name registries and registrars, industry organizations, research institutes, and universities in fields of Chinese translation service improvement and enhancement, ICANN’s position and roles, end user rights protection, community participation, domain name service support, capability building, ICANN official website improvement, ICANN’s support for academic participation and research, and cooperation on domain name dispute resolution. Mr. Marby highly praised the success of the China Internet Community Seminar and expressed his willingness to strengthen communication and interaction with the China community members for in-depth cooperation and long-term development.

Side note: After Göran Marby took office, China Internet Community immediately and voluntarily conducted a 3-day PDP to give Mr. Marby a Chinese name which is ???. The “official” interpretation from ICANN language services provided that ??? means a handsome horse is galloping happily on a beautiful grassland. It has been the most efficient PDP ICANN ever had and shows the Chinese philosophy and wisdom as well as the commitment from China community members to ICANN processes.

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